Our quests can enjoy a complex spa area relaxation offer.


Swimming pool: the lane pool with the massage area and the children's pool. The swimming tracks-pool average depth is 1.3 m. The water relaxation zone offers the air pressure massage on two couches for full body massage, and a wide bench back massage.


Dry Sauna (i.e. the Finnish sauna), is relatively a low humidity sauna. The temperature reaches 75-110 °C. The Finnish sauna is a room with wooden benches, which are organized as stairs. The sauna session relaxes and cleanses as well as softens the skin, and removes muscle and joints pains.


Steam Sauna (i.e. the Roman bath) is a sauna with the moisture content of up to 100%, but its lower temperature is 45-50 °C. The session in such sauna remove the toxins out of the body, improves the circulation and increases your immunity.


The Bosman’s Bucket shower. It is a bath cabin with a bucket – a solution for instant cooling your body after the sauna session. Just one hitch and the bucket full with ice-cold water turns upside down to refresh your hot body.


The resting area is a room with the heated mosaic-tiled double couches.